Corporate Resilience and Mindfulness Training

inspire employees to achieve their goals and reach their potential

How is Stress Affecting your Organization?

Stress may be taking a toll on your organization’s performance. Left unmanaged, chronic stress contributes to absenteeism, illness, employee disengagement, job dissatisfaction, and staff turnover. And acute, situational stress can often lead to interpersonal tension and poor decision making. Resilient managers and employees are capable of handling stress and adversity, and adapting to new and challenging situations.

Resilience can be Learned

Give your managers and team members the skills they need to perform well when the going gets tough. Our training programs incorporate techniques that have been scientifically proven to reduce stress and improve clarity of mind.

Though stress management is at the core of the program, we also incorporate aspects of interpersonal management, emotional intelligence,  Participants will learn principles and techniques for focus, emotional intelligence, leadership, purpose-driven performance, relationship building, and self-mastery.

Benefits of Resilience and Mindfulness Training

  • Reduce staff burnout and stress-related absenteeism
  • Improve ability to work under pressure
  • Equip team members with powerful stress-reduction skills
  • Improve communication and team cohesion during stressful situations
  • Increase collaboration and innovation
  • Develop stress management skills that carry over into personal life
  • Shift the organizational culture

Customized for Your Organization

Organized around a central core of material with expandable modules, our workshops are highly customizable. We will work with you to tailor a program that meets your organization’s needs.

We work with you on location, in your offices. Our services include:

 We also offer assessment and diagnostic services to diagnose opportunity areas, focus efforts, monitor progress, and measure impact: 

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