Jonathan Horowitz, Ph.D.

Jonathan Horowitz Ph.D. is a licensed psychologist and the director of SF Stress—a team of anxiety specialists serving San Francisco and surrounding communities in the Bay Area.

Jonathan Horowitz, Ph.D.

SF Stress Founder and Owner
Licensed Psychologist
PSY 24198

Individual Therapy
Individual and Group Coaching

  • Coaching for Entrepreneurs and Small Organizations

  • Stress and Anxiety

  • Workplace Stress Management

University of Texas at Austin, Laboratory for the Study of Anxiety Disorders

University of California at San Diego, Dept. of Psychiatry

In-person sessions available on Thursdays in San Francisco-FiDi.

Phone and video sessions on Fridays.

All appointments last 50-90 minutes and must be scheduled in advance.

San Francisco-FiDi Office


I work with bright, ambitious, highly motivated people who are experiencing challenging times at work and/or have stress and difficulty in their relationships and personal lives. They're often struggling with a range of problems that include: anxiety attacks, shyness, difficulty concentrating and making decisions, or lack of motivation (to name a few). All of my clients want to improve their communication, relationships, and personal resilience.


The people I work with are experiencing emotional and mental stress that is squeezing the joy out of their private lives. Intimacy, relationships, and sexuality are common areas of concern. In all cases, I use well-researched and proven anxiety reducing approaches that truly work. My approach is warm with a dose of humor.


I like connecting with people and helping them solve the problems keeping them awake at night. I know it can be tough to open up to a therapist—I'm extremely sensitive to that. When needed, I'm comfortable applying benevolent pressure to help clients avoid staying stuck in their issues.


The extent to which we're willing to face our pain is the extent to which we're able to truly enjoy the wonderful parts of our lives. I'm dedicated to helping people feel confident, no matter what life throws at them. I enjoy teaching people how to turn the pressure of situations into positive energy—with practical tools that have been proven to significantly diminish stress and anxiety. Rather than just talk about their issues, I help my clients do something about them by helping them integrate new and simple practices into their daily lives. Facing our issues is vital to overcoming them. I have deep respect for my clients because I understand the courage it takes to work on ourselves. The trustful relationship I build with my clients is both an honor and privilege. 


I appreciate gender and sexual diversity and welcome clients of all backgrounds.  I love working with people whose relationships are nontraditional. I believe that we all have the right and responsibility to determine the types of relationships that serve us best, and I help my clients do this.

As a researcher and consultant, I've contributed to federally-funded research projects at Harvard Medical School, UC San Diego Department of Psychiatry, and the Air Force Medical Operations Agency. I've also been interviewed as an expert by a number of popular publications, including Vanity Fair, the Los Angeles TimesNPRPacific Standard, and The Wall Street Journal. Additionally, I was co-consultant on the book Stress: The Psychology of Managing Pressure.

Outside of work, my interests include: fitness , playing drums and guitar, reading about politics and social issues, and exploring Bay Area beaches and trails.

Academy of Cognitive Therapy
Northern California CBT Therapists
SFSI Sex Educator
American Association of Sexuality Counselors and Therapists
Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies



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