"My experience with Aaron was amazing! It just a few sessions, I went from not sleeping and full of anxiety to calm, relaxed and sleeping better than ever. Aaron helped me discover tools that allow me to deal with my anxiety and those tools practically got me to an anxiety free life. This was a life changing experience for me in many ways and I am extremely grateful for the help and support I received from Aaron!"

"I love working with Tom!! I felt like he was relatable and helpful."

"Dr. Andrea was very helpful, immediately found the right approach and helped me a lot to tackle my anxiety. I am very thankful for that."

"Very good. Quick reply, easy appointment scheduling The tools that were given or shown to me worked and are still in use. My therapist was a great listener and guide. I am thankful."

"Christina was one of the nicest most understanding people I've ever had the pleasure of talking to"

"I had a great experience! Cristina was an awesome therapist, she really helped me. The offices are well located and the superbill made submitting claims easy. Thank you!"

"Great! My therapist was knowledgeable, kind and offered good advice/walked me through some very valuable thought processes."

"I had the pleasure of working with Jon Horowitz via Skype counseling. Jon was helpful , completely non-judgmental and flexible in his approach. I liked that Jon didn't use labels and also takes the time to understand the client, their problems and their needs paying interest to the unique presentation (inner universe) of each client. I also appreciated that Jon practices evidence-based therapies. Whilst I am aware that reasonable constructive feedback is helpful for improvement , I genuinely have no critique or comments. It is also a relief knowing that the door is always open should I face any difficulties that need psychotherapeutic interventions in the future. My depression (dysthymia?) of 3 years duration has lifted and I look forward to my future and living a life based on my values. Thanks Jon for providing me this opportunity especially being in a geographical area that doesn't have psychotherapy services. It was a genuine pleasure working with you! "

"I really enjoyed going to therapy here and I plan to come back soon. The staff is friendly and makes you feel comfortable which is really important."

"Incredibly helpful and stress reducing. I was amazed at Jonathan's advice. It was practical but things I had never thought of before. I enact his suggestions on a daily basis."

"I was very happy with the insight and guidance given. I stopped my sessions due to a temporary relocation. I would recommend the center to friends and may seek follow up in the future."

"Dr. Burnias offered good advice on dealing with stress and communicates his advice well. The center works well with busy professionals and flexibly schedules meeting. I definitely have tools to help combat stress going forward."

"Dr. Zorbas is very attentive and easy to talk to. She helped me process things in different ways."