Resilience Coaching for Entrepreneurs


Entrepreneurship is not for the faint of heart. When you step off the corporate bus and onto your own path, you are signing up for relentless uncertainty and change. In building a company, you can expect that your emotional and intellectual capacities will be stressed to their limits. Can you adapt?

To maximize your chances of success, you'll need to be able to work in a focused and consistent way. You'll need to stay motivated and productive, positive and upbeat. You'll need to embrace uncertainty. You'll need to work hard, but in a sustainable and healthy way. 

Resilience coaching can help. We can help you:

  • SET CLEAR, SPECIFIC GOALS for your business
  • DEVELOP STRATEGIES for achieving those goals
  • KEEP MOVING FORWARD while staying focused, balanced, and motivated


What is coaching?

According to the International Coach Federation (coaching's largest accrediting body), coaching is "an ongoing professional relationship that helps people produce extraordinary results in their lives, careers, businesses, or organizations.” Coaching involves a series of professional consultations that help you to achieve your goals. Unlike therapy, coaching does not require or presuppose a personal "problem" or dysfunction that needs to be addressed.


Who might benefit from coaching?

Coaching is for founders of early-stage tech or professional services firms who seeking to: 

  • Achieve a "next level" business goal
  • Improve their focus and motivation
  • Examine and adjust priorities (a.k.a. "work-life balance")
  • Improve interpersonal or communication skills

Why coaching?

All people, no matter how capable and talented, can benefit from coaching. We all have blind spots. We all make relatively poor decisions when under stress. We all have limited focus and energy. Even the world's greatest athletes have coaches. A coach is an objective, thoughtful, attentive advisor who can help you see the big picture.


Where does coaching come from?

Coaching incorporates elements of evidence-based psychology approaches such as motivational interviewing, cognitive-behavioral therapy and positive psychology. It is straightforward, optimistic, and practical.


How does coaching work?

Coaching involves regular (weekly or biweekly) phone interactions with your coach, during which time your coach:

  • Helps you clarify and articulate your values and goals
  • Helps you strategize and plan
  • Provides support and an objective sounding board
  • Holds you responsible and accountable


How long and how frequent are coaching sessions?

The initial Assessment and Goal Setting session is two hours long and follows a standard format, which helps you and your coach to arrive at a broad-based understanding of your goals and your personal style. The length and frequency of follow-up sessions depends on your goals. Most typically, sessions are 30-60 min., and occur weekly or biweekly. There is no up-front commitment involved. Coaching continues until you have achieved your goals.


How much does coaching cost?

Coaching costs $600 for 4 sessions, or $200 for individual sessions. No up-front commitment is required.


How is coaching different from therapy?


  • Therapy is about solving a specific problem, such as enduring a difficult situation (like a divorce), or treating a medical disorder (such as Panic Disorder, depression, or chronic pain).
  • Coaching is about achieving a specific goal, such as seeking better balance, realigning priorities, or getting a promotion.


  • Coaching is a professional service. As such, it may be written off as a business expense or may be paid for by your employer.
  • Therapy is healthcare service. As such, it can often be paid for via insurance policies or HSA accounts. It may also count toward your healthcare policy’s deductibe.


  • Therapy sessions are booked in advance and cannot be canceled within 48 hours (exceptions made for reasonable circumstances, such as illness and other reasonable).
  • Coaching sessions have no cancellation policy.


  • Coaching takes place over the phone. Clients may be anywhere in the world.
  • Therapy may take place online or over the phone, but Initial therapy appointments must take place in person. California law only permits therapists to treat individuals within the state of California.  


  • Therapists are ethically and legally bound to maintain strict confidentiality with their clients. This Doctor-Patient confidentiality is legally recognized and protected.
  • Coaches operate according to the International Coach Federation’s ethical principles, and as such, “maintain the strictest levels of confidentiality with all client and sponsor information”. However, there are lesser standards for the protection of information.


What’s a better fit for me--therapy or coaching?

This is a common question. We are happy to discuss this with you further during your free consultation call.


How do I schedule an appointment?

A good fit between coach and client is extremely important. Therefore, we provide a free 30-minute coaching consultation call before we commit to working together. During this call, your coach will get a sense of who you are, what you are trying to accomplish, and what appears to be standing in your way.