Relationship Counseling for Couples and Individuals

Few things affect our happiness more than our relationships. And yet, relationships can be incredibly difficult. In addition to being stressful, relationship problems are associated with a host of psychological issues, including depression, anxiety, and substance abuse.  Difficult relationships have even been linked to shortened lifespan.

Relationships can be hard...

The majority of our clients are experience some difficulty in their relationships. In many cases, these difficulties contribute to other issues, such as anxiety disorders or depression.

The most common problems include:

  • Difficulty communicating
  • Negotiating boundaries
  • Coping with changing expectations
  • Handling stress
  • Developing and maintaining empathy
  • Navigating divorce or breakup
  • Sexual difficulties

...and so can being single

Romantic difficulties even affect those who are not currently in a relationship, 

Indeed, in a recent study based on Facebook data, San Francisco was found to be the worst American city for singles, with the lowest relationship-formation rate and the highest ratio of single men to single women.

Some of the more common problems faced by single people include:

  • Overcoming social anxiety
  • Navigating dating situations
  • Choosing partners
  • Staying connected to others

Nonjudgmental Help for Couples and Individuals

We work with couples or individuals who are committed to exploring or improving their relationships. If you are unsure which approach would work best for you, feel free to ask us.

We also recognize that many people are in nontraditional relationships, or are interested in exploring alternate relationship models. We appreciate diversity in relationships, and are comfortable working with people who are in consensual nonmongamous partnerships.