What are the benefits of online therapy?

The main benefit of online therapy is convenience. Clients who opt for online therapy tend to:

  • be located in areas that are accessible to our offices
  • have limited access to childcare
  • have heavy, restrictive, or unpredictable work schedules
  • travel frequently
  • live outside the United States, in places where high quality English-speaking therapists are rare

Does online therapy work?

In some situations, in-office therapy may be more effective. However, online therapy is a popular and viable treatment that is suitable for most people. If you're interested in learning more, the following are a few of the academic studies addressing this question:

Who may use online therapy?

We are licensed to provide online therapy to anyone residing within the state of California, or outside the United States.

We are permitted to provide all coaching services without geographical restriction.

Is online therapy right for me?

It depends on your situation. Please feel free to call us and set up a free consultation. Our experts can tell you whether online therapy may be right for you.