Because we help people with a wide variety of problems, we draw on a wide range of best practices from disciplines including clinical psychology, positive psychology, organizational development, meditative traditions, and neuroscience.

Evidence-Based Approaches, Tailored to You

We are proponents of evidence-based practice. This means that, whenever possible, we choose approaches that have undergone empirical, scientific testing and found to be effective, such as these:

Present-Focused, Goal-Oriented

Some people think of therapy as an introspective experience, or a "deep dive" into your personal past. While this can be helpful, we see self-examination as a means to an end. Living a fuller, more vital, more present-oriented life. This means that we may spend less time talking about your past and more time talking about your present.

Find Your Direction, Achieve Your Goals

Some people come to us with a clearly-defined problem that needs to be solved, such as putting an end to panic attacks or insomnia.

For many others, the goals are less clear-cut. Maybe you are weighing a big life decision. Maybe you are questioning your commitment to your career or relationship. Maybe you just want to feel better, and you don't know where to start.

We can help you:

  • Gain clarity about your values
  • Set goals, personal and professional
  • Gain insight into psychological, behavioral, and emotional obstacles
  • Provide strategies and support for overcoming these obstacles

Objective, Confidential Feedback from Experts

Regardless of your situation, we can provide you with a safe, confidential space to examine your situation.