Do you Keep your Anxiety Under Wraps?

Just came across this nice LifeHacker post on the upside of sharing our challenges with others. It got me thinking about how simple and powerful the therapeutic process can be. The post mention a recent study in which psychology researchers examined how microbiologists go about conducting their research. The psychologists found that the biologists were more likely to overcome setbacks while in the process of sharing their difficulties with others. I love the idea that even microbiologists—really smart people, to be sure—can essentially supercharge their problem-solving capabilities merely by verbalizing their thoughts.

Because that’s what therapy is--the verbalization of reasoning and assumptions. Granted, the content is way more loaded than it is in a scientific problem. (It's your own issues!) But the process involves sharing your concerns with someone who listens carefully and helps you see how your thinking might get in your way.

Sometimes, during a good CBT session, a client will say “This sounds really stupid when I say it out loud.” When I hear that, I know we’re probably on to something good. The thing is, needing help to see a situation clearly has nothing to do with being “stupid.” It’s just how our minds work. We all have trouble seeing outside ourselves, and this tends to get worse when we are stressed. So anything that helps to express and externalize our thoughts is generally a good thing.