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I most enjoy working with individuals that are ready for change and want to grow for their own benefit. I work best with individuals or families that have experienced or that are still going through challenging life circumstances. If you are struggling with overcoming loss or trauma, situational depression or anxiety, family problems, life changes, and/or identity issues consider allowing me to help you unleash your inner strength and resilience.

You can feel happier again. You can accomplish more that you realize. You can learn to silence the doubter within you. You can build more meaningful and satisfying relationships in your life. You can be safe and you can thrive. I want to help you polish yourself until you can see the shine. Now this is not easy. Therapy is a personal investment. It requires some work in order to see progress. Fortunately, you don’t need to take this journey alone.

My Approaches to Therapy

Having a warm and trusting relationship is the most essential element for successful therapy. Bilateral feedback is also extremely important to the work that I do. I am a very direct and honest person and hope to create a space where my clients can do the same. My approach focuses on practical solutions to the issues bringing you into treatment. It is always my hope to help hold you accountable to becoming a better version of the fantastic person you already are.

My Qualifications as a Psychologist

The professional experiences I have acquired have helped me solidify knowledge into practice, while enhancing my own delivery of mental health services in ways that are practically useful for individuals. Over a decade of work in the field of mental health has taught me a great deal about delivering comprehensive, evidenced-based treatment to a wide range of diverse families and individuals. I am most passionate about working with diversity issues that include, but are not limited to: sexual orientation, gender identity, and ethnicity, race, and culture. In addition to my work at the Stress and Anxiety Center I work full-time a psychologist with Kaiser Permanente at the Oakland Medical Center. I have been working as a therapist with Kaiser Permanente since 2010.

Sanmit Singh Psy.D.

Licensed Psychologist, PSY 25260

(see here for licensure verification)

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