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I consider the ‘Work’ to be an inherent aspect of our human nature; it is something that we are all involved in, all of the time, whether we are conscious of it or not.  Whether you are confronting your life or avoiding it, the very same circumstances are there—the path before you does not change just because you close your eyes.  This makes the psychological work an essential aspect of living life to your personal best.  Our work can focus on specific and acute issues by necessity, but I make distinct efforts to move past pathology into the farther reaches of human nature.  I therefore do not focus on symptom-reduction alone, but on a holistic return of the client to their own life-path—we are human beings, much more than a diagnosis!  Let us begin from here.  Additionally, my own research into transpersonal healing modalities has allowed me access to inner-technologies that have been used throughout the world from time immemorial to effect the same changes that conventional psychotherapy seeks to make in the therapeutic relationship.  This has been a major aspect of my doctoral research, and I am happy to bring such insights into our work, should you be interested in them.  Mindfulness-based Psychotherapy, for example, is one such modality that has gained substantial traction in our field.

My Approaches to Therapy

I hold fast to the notion that treatment should be brief, and that all change comes from one’s own efforts to integrate and assimilate the fruits of treatment.  My approach is very client-centered, and is focused on giving you all that you need in the shortest amount of time possible, so that you can make the changes you need to make, establish a foundation of transformative and sustainable personal growth, and terminate treatment when you are successfully maintaining this new order in your life or lives.

My Qualifications as a Psychologist

I have been extensively trained throughout my clinical rotations, previous positions, and professional pursuits to treat a variety of psychological issues, from impulse-control disorders to crisis-interventions and existential ‘birthquakes’, mood disorders, personality disorders, neurological disorders, sexual/transgenerational/physical/emotional trauma, family problems, domestic upset/violence, sexual dysfunctions, marital issues, practitioner-relationship counseling, career counseling, and even early childhood and learning disorders.  I can conduct therapy in both English and Spanish, and seek to bring my professional efforts back to my family’s native Cuba as the situation continues progressing.  My specialty, however, is in the integration of couples work and clinical sexology, making specific use of the relationships between intimacy, partnership, and sexual paradigms to optimize romantic relationships and create ‘upward-spirals’ of mutual growth for all parties involved.  This work makes use of the neurophysiology of sexuality, desire, and attachments, turning couples work into a Magnum Opus of interpersonal triumph between oneself and one’s partner.  That is, it turns a simple couples concern into a therapeutic modality that heals and exalts not only the relationship, but all parties involved as well.  It is both individual and couples therapy at once, and is geared on crafting a relationship that fosters growth as opposed to stasis, structure, and stability.  

I am a student and initiate of various spiritual traditions from all over the world, which has always been an undercurrent of my professional work.  I have conducted extensive research, including my doctoral dissertation and a lifetime of contained and specific spiritual practice, to shed light on the psychological healing modalities of various spiritual traditions, and can help you access the power of your entire being to make you thrive on your own personal path of body, mind, and soul, in tandem with your core values.  I consider health-cultivation to encompass all aspects of the being and to be synonymous with ‘enlightenment’, in a very humanistic sense—the foundations of basic health are necessary to ultimately reach the heights of peak experiences.  In my free time, I work toward publishing and further research, practice my own arts of music, meditation, theater, and writing, enjoy nature, fine arts, observe pilgrimages to sacred sites around the world, and attend various gatherings, conferences, and forums dedicated to sexuality, the relationships between humanity and nature, and the awakening of consciousness, which has always been at the core of all psychotherapy and accordingly, my practice as well. 

Dr Lorenzo Ramos Licensed Psychologist, PSY 29818

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